Broad Spectrum

(Potassium Permanganate)

200ml PM0133/500ml PM0134

BROAD SPECTRUM medication is used when fish are suffering from ulcers, flicking or scraping against objects or if they have visible crustacean parasites on them.

This medication will also temporarily clear green water.


Parasite Clear

(Methylene Blue)

200ml PM0136/500ml PM0137

PARASITE CLEAR is effective against most protozoan parasites (Costia,Trichodina, Chilodonella, Crytobia, Tryppanosoma and lchthyoptirius) affecting mostly Koi, Goldfish and Live-bearers. PARASITE CLEAR treats fungal infections on fish and protects fish spawns against fungal attack. Treatment is also effective in eradicating the Camallanus roundworm from the intestines.

This medication also protects fish against infection during transport and handling.

Ick Clear

(Malachite Clear)

200ml PM0139/500ml PM0140

ICK CLEAR is an effective prevention and treatment of Whitespot (lchthyopthirius Multifiliis) and other Protozoan parasites on ornamental fish in ponds and large aquariums.

This is usually the result of sudden changes in water temperature or stress.


Fungus Clear


200ml PM0142/500ml PM0143

FUNGUS CLEAR treats a variety of fungus and bacteria-related conditions on ornamental pond fish. Conditions include cotton fungus (columnaris), red streaks in fins and body (hemorrhagic septicaemia), grey body slime (costiasis), fish bloat (dropsy), gill disease, fin and tail rot, cloudy eyes and swim bladder disease.

Fungus can be identified as a white or grey cottony growth or patches on parts of the fish.

Tail, fin or mouth rot can be identified as flesh eaten away around the mouth, tail or fin or just redness at base of tail, fin or mouth.

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